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Selected few recent success Stories from corporate Employer

Title:My success story of Altruista Health Services Pvt Ltd interview on May 2014

Posted Date:06/19/2014
Altruista Health Services Pvt Ltd

I had Two technical rounds of interviews. Two were telephonic followed by one interview with the team leader and second one with Project Manager.

First of all i wish to 

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coming to my interview process......

Date of Interview: May11th, 2014

1st Round

-->Oops Concepts


-->WCF Security and Polymorphism


--> Jquery

-->Stored Procedure performnce tuning techniques and triggers

i have answered 85%. finally i have finished first round successfully....  Coming to the second round 

2nd Round

--> This is the project manager round, in this round mainly asking about my current during products and jquery.

Finally, my candidature was accepted. Thank you TodayJobs Information for providing a centralized platform to provide for such Openings information.


Thanks & Regards Nageswararao.Pendela